The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery installed this photograph of celebrated American comedian and actor Robin Williams today in its In Memoriam gallery, a space in which the museum memorializes the passing and celebrates the lives of people represented in the museum’s collection. The photograph was taken for Time Magazine by Michael Dressler in 1979.

Pietro Consagra_Wonderful Mexican Green_1977 [artist’s proof]

Pietro Consagra (1920-2005) - Solida, 1974

“If you are in love with someone, there are such deep feelings you want to express, but words don’t do them justice so you end up repeating trite phrases from films or pop songs. I started to collect sayings from my friends and realized that the same ones were being recycled over and over.”—Jung Lee

Mt Fuji from the International Space Station (via)

The locals of Belgrave decided to give this tree a bit of love and warmth.

Lonely for you only // Lonely only for you